Quarter Life Poetry is a collection of illustrated
quatrains about your quarter life crisis.

Here's a small sampling. See more poems here.


My friend has a baby
and owns a boutique.
I just bought a cactus–
it died in a week.

It's a sunny summer day,
but I shall never know.
My office blasts the goddamn air
so cold that it could snow.

Lately I've started
to accept the fact:
It's likely my soulmate
will just be my cat.

Our first date was magic
the next was okay
I texted for thirds
but he ghosted away...


My friends are dancing at the club
but I've got plans instead
to have a crazy, wild night
baking banana bread.


It's not called "granny panties";
It's "underwear you own
when comfort is imperative
and you're living alone."